Structural Building Engineering

Submitted by Robert McK on Sun, 05/20/2018 - 15:25
Structural Building Engineering

Huitt-Zollars has a diversified range of experience in the design of various types of structures.  In recent years, we have provided structural designs for both the public and private sectors, including administrative, warehouse, manufacturing, academic facilities, and aircraft support. Our engineers have designed structural systems for support of various types of special operations and equipment. This includes materials handling systems in the form of cranes and conveyors, "super-flat" floor systems for high-lift storage equipment, mass damping foundations, and systems for blast- and seismic-resistant structures. In addition to new building design, Huitt-Zollars has completed numerous projects that have involved structural renovation, expansion, and modification. Analyses prepared by Huitt-Zollars have included studies to evaluate the structural integrity of a building, identify structural deficiencies and deterioration, determine loading capacities of a structure, and verify compliance to current building codes.

Our structural engineering experience includes:
•Structural Design of Buildings and Facilities
•Structural Design of Bridges and Retaining Walls
•Structural Design in Hurricane Prone areas
•Structural Design of Special Structures
•Structural Analysis and Condition Assessments
•3-D Computerized Structural Modeling